Welcome to Finsource!

by Brittany Lett

Welcome to Finsource!

Welcome to Finsource!

Hi! And welcome to Finsource, the first promotional platform designed specifically for RIAs and other financial professionals. At Finsource we believe that great exposure shouldn't be exclusively for those that can afford massive PR agency retainers or armies of in-house marketing staff. We think that if you have great insight and do good work for your clients - you deserve to raise your profile and your brand, the same as the big guys, without spending big bucks to do it.

Finsource was created by a team of recovering PR & marketing professionals who have decades of experience helping major financial firms get all that coverage you see every day on TV, radio, and in national and local newspapers. What we learned to deliver for Bank of America and UBS we want to put in the hands of much smaller companies, helping them build institutional brands without institutional budgets. Whether you are trying to raise your profile by yourself, have someone on your team dedicated to this effort or already engage a 3rd party agency, Finsource is guaranteed to help you raise your profile faster and more effectively.

Trying to grow your brand yourself? We get it, we’ve been a start-up too. There’s a million things to do and self-promotion often falls to the bottom of the list. Who has the time? That’s why we’ve created an onboarding wizard that takes less than 5 minutes to complete as well as neat functions like our ‘influencers to connect with today’ module. We’ve also given you a ton of ready-made PR and marketing templates so you never have to create anything from scratch. Finsource is about getting your message out to the right venues quickly and creating maximum impact for minimal investment of your time.

Already have an in-house marketing resource? Perfect! They are guaranteed to love Finsource. Not only will they save weeks of their time (and your money) creating targeted lists of events, awards and editorial calendars but we’ve created a schedule free of training to help them become the best possible CMO you could have hired. Our ‘Expert Request’ module is going to have them bringing you promotional opportunities from the moment they log on, making them a more valued member of the team and you a happier boss.

Use a PR/marketing agency or freelancer? Professional PR & marketing folks love Finsource because we make their jobs so much easier (it’s a dirty secret of the PR & marketing industry that it’s 90% research – where to advertise, where to speak, how to reach a reporter etc). Finsource can help supercharge your existing agency or freelance relationships by shifting their time allocation from research to delivery, ensuring you get maximum bang from your retainer buck.

Above all, Finsource is a community of users. RIAs, publishers, reporters, analysts – we have something to offer them all and will only grow richer and more valuable through their participation. So sign up today, start using the platform and give us your feedback. We’re delighted to have you!

You can reach me at any time at dan.simon@finsource.com

CEO Finsource