Top Tips for Crafting the Perfect Pitch

Posted by: Brittany Lett - January 23, 2015
Finsource recently got the inside scoop from Lauren Young, Money Editor at Reuters on what makes pitches stand out and how you can get yourself in front of journalists.

Information Wants to Be Freed: End Information Asymmetry & Change PR Forever

Posted by: Brittany Lett - November 4, 2014
The ‘Information Wants to Be Free’ movement that advocated universally free-of-charge content (and at one time seemed unstoppable) has pretty much run out of steam. After a decade of havoc in the publishing industry...

How Small Data Will Revolutionize Communications

Posted by: Brittany Lett - November 4, 2014
Big Data may be the hottest topic right now but for most of us – especially in FS communications - it's Small Data that will make the greatest impact. Where Big Data refers to vast, centralized data sets that remain the purview of governments and multinational corporations...

Welcome to Finsource!

Posted by: Brittany Lett - November 4, 2014
Hi! And welcome to Finsource, the first promotional platform designed specifically for RIAs and other financial professionals. At Finsource we believe that great exposure shouldn't be exclusively for those that can afford massive PR agency retainers or armies of in-house marketing...